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8 Bodies in San Fernando

Eight bodies in San Feranado, Tamaulipas with narco banner.

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A video showing eight bodies left on the side of the road in San Fernando, Tamaulipas. There is a narco banner signed by the Gulf cartel where they make threats against “CJNG” and “MZ.”

"This message is directed to you CJNG and MZ. Here in Tamaulipas you are not welcomed. Do not allow yourselves to be fooled by the idiot of Chuy, he does not even take care of his own people, yet alone take care of you.

Attentive Cartel del Golfo"

They are more likely talking about Chuy, leader of Zeta Vieja Escuela (ZVE). There is chatter on the internet that "MZ" in the banner does not refer to Mayo Zambada but most likely Metros/Zetas and more probable signed by Grupo Escorpion of the CDG. Recently there has been topones (confrontations) in San Fernando region.

On social media they are saying 6 bodies, but I counted seven for sure, but most likely eight.

Grupo Escorpion released a video of the eight members who’s bodies were found. The men are being interrogated and are later executed with gunshots to the head. This video does not include the portion of the execution.

The men say that they belong to either Los Metros, CJNG or Mayos and came to San Fernanado to back up ZVE. This clarifies the content of the narco banner that MZ refers to Mayo Zambada.

One of the men is a migrant from Guatemala and says he ran out of money to get to Houston and was forced to join CJNG.

Some on social media find it unlikely that these members would be from the CJNG or Mayos sent to Tamaulipas to fight Grupo Escorpion on behalf of ZVE. Many times, the people that are captured are told what to say.

Source: Reynosa Codigo Rojo


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